A Haircut in A War Zone 1945

Few people realize that many of the early legends of hairdressing earned their craft not in school, but as a barber in the battlefield. As part of daily life…many soldiers would take opportunities for grooming whenever they could. In this stunning photograph from Sunday, June 10th, 1945…Private First Class Troy Dixon, Leadhill, Arkansas, uses a Japanese barber chair to cut the hair of Sergeant John Anderson, Anita, Pennsylvania. Both men were from the 363rd Field Artillery Battalion, 96th Infantry Division, XXIV Corps, Tenth Army. With their M1 155mm howitzer in the background, we see the rare scene of a battered barber chair, dragged from the rubble and setup to give soldiers a little bit of grooming in the middle of a devastated wasteland.

With the day in, day out…whenever you take shears and comb in hand you are part of a lineage of those who make others feel good & look good. The art of cutting hair is a heritage…and it never ends.