Wedding Hair Trends 2016

From the mouth of the Duchess of Cambridge’s Wedding Hairstylist

Rebecca Cox, Grazia Magazine | March 3rd, 2016

If you haven’t already starting polishing up your hair skills for the upcoming wedding season…it’s not too late to start! But first, freshen up on what’s trending. The brilliant Richard Ward, who did actual Kate Middleton’s actual wedding hair, dished recently with Grazia Magazine on the key trends to master for wedding season 2016:

GRAZIA: What are the current most popular styles for weddings?

RICHARD WARD: Styles that are more undone, modern and not too over-dressed – think pretty braids, low-slung chignons and loose waves. Hair accessories like flowers and small tiaras are also really popular, especially when changing it up for the evening.

G: How should brides decide whether to do their own hair or get it done by a stylist?

RW: The bride needs to choose her style and then decide whether it’s something she can achieve herself or not. If it’s a simple or straightforward style she may be able to do it, but if it’s within your budget, see a stylist – and make sure you have a trial run first!

G: Thousands of brides still ask for the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding style – how did you create her look?

RW: With any bridal hairstyle, lots of things have to be taken in to consideration – the dress, venue, weather, time frame etc. Bridal hair should always be a collaboration between the hairdresser and the bride – and a practice run is essential.

G: Who would this look work well for?

RW: This look works really well for brides with long hair, because it’s got an element of sophistication and softness, without the severity of hair that’s completely pinned up and off the face.

G: What’s the secret to making sure your wedding hairstyle looks great all day?

RW: Good planning is the secret – come up with a style that takes into account the whole day! For example if you’re wearing your hair totally down, curls will eventually drop – that’s one reason why lots of brides opt to wear their hair up, because it won’t budge all day.