Tips from Celebrity Extensionist Chris Appleton


1: Before going for mermaid length hair, try tape-ins of different lengths and colors before settling for a look like his client Katy Perry.

“Going from super short to super long is going to be a big adjustment, so try a gradual length so you learn to manage them or just enhance volume and/or color to get used to them,” he says.

2: The right color match…matters.

When it comes to choosing the right color for your ‘do, Chris suggests laying the extensions against the hair (avoiding swatches, if possible) to ensure a seamless match. Also, “two-tone colors” will look more natural than solid ones because hair is multi-tonal. To keep the pieces from appearing bumpy when applying them yourself, Chris says it’s all about patience. “When you are applying clips, lay them like a brick formation instead one directly on top of the other so you can follow the head shape. And always apply them in a diagonal section on the sides so it falls naturally around the face.”