This Futuristic Hair Trend Broke the Net

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Is this hairstyle quirky, stylish and smooth or the world’s worst haircut?

A few weeks back a video done just for fun by St. Petersburg, Russia hairdresser Aleona Starzhinskaia was shared on Facebook. In a few weeks it went viral…currently having been viewed over 2.3 million times! At first glance…the video appears to be a futuristic hair trend, but here’s the thing: Aleona’s client wanted to shave her hair off…so the two decided to play a little before losing all the hair.

“It was her birthday and she asked me (to) share her head, so we decided (to) make something interesting and shoot (a) video about it,” Starzhinskaia told Refinery29. “In a few hours, I turned her into (a) blonde and started (to) make this cut; most of this was… improvisation.”

Nonetheless, the video received an overwhelming number of responses…some incredibly positive…as the cut is perfectly shaped and technically interesting. A trend…born from improvisation? Time will tell…sometimes our greatest work comes from just letting our shears do the talking and going with the flow. One thing is for sure…trend or tragedy…like it or hate it, Aleona has had so many phone calls booking appointments that her book is filled through November 2018!!!