#TBT: Salon Marketing of the 1960’s

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In 1960, a young Chubby Checker was in studio to record his cover of the Hank Ballard and The Midnighters’ 1950 single, “Teardrops on Your Letter”. His song, “The Twist” exploded to the top of the charts and ignited a dance craze that was the first to ever sweep the globe. Critics thought it was “disgusting” and “too provocative”, but the heartbeat of popular culture, the teenagers…loved it. So much so, that it also inspired a popular hairstyle of the time of the same name.

Born at Tom Ahmed’s London hair salon, men and women alike get matching hairstyles…all while swingin’ to Chubby Checker. Groovy!

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  1. Anonymous

    Anna Gibbons Hollie Page Amy Tomsett Laura Allen. How random ??? can you imagine us doing the twist too lol

  2. Anonymous

    What a great salon!???

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