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Beauty News
Healthy Hairdressers Answer: What Moves You?

All month, you’ve been entering the March Healthy Hairdresser Challenge and telling us “what moves you” to get moving both inside the salon and outside the salon so you stay healthy and fit! If you haven’t entered yet, you have until the end of the month—click here! You will be eligible to win one of […]

Marketing Magic
Lemonade Marketing

Like most salon owners, Bryan Nunes was feeling stressed about the investment he had made in his first business venture when he was preparing to open the doors at Blo in Raleigh, North Carolina, ten years ago. Each day, he was hit with a new bill to cover or another unforeseen delay in construction which […]

Marketing Magic
65 Salon Business Marketing Ideas

SALON TODAY stumbled across a super helpful article dedicated to marketing tips and ideas that help promote your salon. Harms Software carefully crafted the best marketing techniques for salon businesses that feel like they are running out of promotion ideas. The best part is there are 65 of them! The list below is separated into […]