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ProfitableStylist.com Podcast #47: Mistake #2

Bernard reveals the second mistake stylists often make when trying to build their business – not utilizing free marketing materials. Bernard explains the how and why of using the free promotional items distributors frequently offer salons. Check out this episode!

ProfitableStylist.com Podcast #46: The #1 Mistake Is….

This podcast is the first of a ten part series outlining the 10 Critical Mistakes hairdressers make when building their business. Mistake #1: Not Displaying Your Credentials. Bernard explains why displaying your educational achievements is important to building your business as well as raising the industry standard of professionalism. Check out this episode!

ProfitableStylist.com Podcast #38: Hair Replacement

Click to listen to Episode 38 of the ProfitableStylist.com’s official podcast! Bernard explains what non-surgical hair replacement is in relation to the cosmetology industry and how it can be a profitable service that stylists can offer their clients. Listen and subscribe on Libsyn: http://profitablestylist.libsyn.com/