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Hair How-To
Why You Should Dry Your Hair With A T-Shirt

Challenged by frizz? Here’s a weird trick: reduce frizz by drying your hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel, then blow dry on the cool setting. Regular towels can cause a ton of friction which disrupt the cuticle and create frizz, so cotton t-shirts absorb water without causing friction. Make sure to squeeze […]

Hair How-To
FORMULA: The Joe Jonas Rainbow Pompadour

Singer Joe Jonas went all rainbow pompadour last month and Pravana colorist Jamie Muniz put together the formula and technique to re-create the look: FORMULA 1:. Two parts Pastel Blissful Blue + 1 part Neon Blue FORMULA 2: Four parts Vivids Pink + 1 part Vivids Magenta + 1 drop Vivids Wild Orchid TECHNIQUE: Step […]

Hair How-To

If you struggle to create a straight part every time, here’s a hair hack you’ll love! The trick to creating a super straight part is to zip the comb quickly from the hairline to the crown of your head. The slower you do it, the shakier your part will be.  

Hair Extensions

Sleep on pillow with a silk pillowcase?! Especially in winter months, keeping your extensions frizz free and natural looking can be a chore. We’ll bet you didn’t know that swapping out your cotton pillowcase with silk can make a big difference! Because of the finery of silk, as you sleep the fibers won’t cause your […]

Celebrity Style
2016 Golden Globes How-To: Kate Hudson’s Boho-Chic Waves

Just before having her makeup done for the awards show, Kate Hudson made a spur-of-the-moment decision—to cut off 7 inches of hair. Celebrity master-stylist David Babaii drew on ’70s and ’80s film inspiration to give her a “dirty, boho-chic A-line bob. He first cut a clean line, then created texture and movement by chopping into […]

Celebrity Style
2016 Golden Globes How-To: Amy Adams’ Cascading Waves

Celebrity master-stylist Laini Reeves created romantic, flowing waves for Amy Adams to complement her Versace gown. “Amy’s hair is longer now,” said Reeves, “and we decided that the waves and center part would feel more Versace. The dress is so perfect and done that I felt a softer hair look would complement the dress and […]

Celebrity Style
The Best Looks from the 2015 American Music Awards

We were thrilled by celebs’ willingness to let stylists have fun with their hair for the 2015 American Music Awards. They fooled us with faux bobs, debuted face-framing waves and revitalized a ’90s part.   GIGI HADID’S BLONDE BOB: Hadid fooled us thinking this partial wig she rocked was an actual chop. “I was really […]

Celebrity Style
How-To: Kylie Jenner’s Minty Green Haircolor

For fashion-color-loving clients looking to get festive this winter or looking to emulate color-chameleon Kylie Jenner (we know, we know—many wigs), Pravana has your back! The minty-fresh green by Pravana Vivids colorist Toni Rose Larson is featured on model, photographer and blogger Alysha Nett. The formula combines Pravana Vivids Pastels in Blissful Blue and Mystical […]

Celebrity Style
How-To: Rihanna’s Navy-Blue Hue

Rihanna has never been shy about changing up her look. The singer (and actress from time to time) has traded in her raven locks for a number of shades throughout the years—arguably most memorably fiery red, but also variations of blonde, brunette, bronde and more. Most recently, the songstress was spotted with a deep, navy-blue […]