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What is remy hair anyway?

Wondering what is Remy hair? Remy also called and spelled Remi, is a weave extension made from actual human hair and regarded as a premium product in the hair extensions industry because of its authentic look and ability to last for at least 12 months. The duration of Remy hair depends on the style of weave and […]

Buying Clip-In Extensions

Many women know that hair extensions can enhance their hair in many different ways, but for clients who want to get a particular look without the commitment…they now can thanks to clip – in hair extensions. Various types of clip-in extensions, like human hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions, and novelty extensions, give women the chance to experiment with […]

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ProfitableStylist.com - Hair Extensions Booming
Hair Extensions: Business Booming

By  Adrienne Berard | Thursday February 28, 2013 8:11 AM At a Harlem barbershop, a beautician named Heavenly Cross slides a razor blade through a bundle of disembodied black hair. Sometimes her clients want to be Beyonce; other times, Rihanna. And sometimes they want the hair from “that Mary J. Blige video.” Across the globe, an Indian […]

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A Black Market for Hair Extensions??

By Emily Jane Fox | CNNMoney.com – Thu, Jun 6, 2013 6:06 AM EDT Two young thieves walked into John’s Beauty Supply store in Chicago on Monday morning, pulled out a bottle of pepper spray and a gun, and went straight for the good stuff: remy human hair extensions. A female burglar pepper-sprayed a worker behind the counter before grabbing […]