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Choosing the Right Extension Color 101

For the color best suited to you…your skin tone is a guide! Just as haircolor 101 taught us to balance the haircolor choice to complement a client’s skin tone…extensions are no difference. Unless the client wants to make a bold statement and have their hair be the focal point, go for complementary colors. For skin […]

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How To Choose the Right Extensions

Where add-on hair is concerned…it seems like every time you turn around there is yet another hair extension company to choose from. With so many options…the choice can be daunting. So step back…don’t get distracted by pretty boxes and colors…and look at them objectively. If you’re unsure of where to start…we did the heavy lifting […]

Special Reports
10 Critical Mistakes Salons Make with Extensions

If you look in your salon records and see more red than black…do you ever wonder what’s so different about your salon compared to the “big guys”? We polled across the country…digging into the business of hair extensions and uncovered the 10 critical mistakes salons make with their extension business…and tell YOU how to avoid […]

Special Reports
5 Best Ways to Learn The Art of Extensions

Where hair extensions are concerned, there is BIG money to be made…but what’s the most effective way to master it? In this special report we went coast to coast, exploring the methods offered up by today’s extension manufacturers…and then break down the pros & cons of each method. You’ll learn the 5 best ways to […]

Hair Extensions
Long Hair Extensions? Here’s a Trend You Need!

Introducing “Pancake” Braids! Another day, another bizarrely-named trend we’re hearing about. Today, we’re thinking about braids. More specifically, we’re thinking about how to make your braids look fuller and thicker, should not possess Rapunzel’s locks. If that sounds like you, have no fear. You simply need to ‘pancake’, carefully loosening your braids to make them […]

Hair Extensions
Extension Trends Summer 2016

Get ready for fashion color! Spring/summer isn’t just the time for clients to get more playful with color…it’s also a time for them to get more playful with EXTENSION color. The leading trend this season is all manner of rainbow colors…more specifically as bangs! For clients who feel like a change, but don’t want the […]

Hair Extensions
Men Flocking to Hair Extensions?!

The fastest growing segment of add-on hair in Great Britain? Men!? When it comes to trends, looking at other countries can sometimes alert you to up and coming trends state-side before they hit. For example…here’s a shocking fact: the beauty industry in the UK is reporting a 200% increase in their hair extension business…with men? […]

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What if you could create the most expensive hair extension piece in history? LOT# 89135 is 8 days away from open auction. The object? A lock of hair…approximately 4”, containing hundreds of strands of hair. Whose hair? John Lennon’s! Harvested by hairdresser Klaus Baruck in Hamburg Germany in 1966, Lennon had his hair cut in […]

Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions: 1910

Check out this vintage ad from a 1910 ladies catalogue! “Biscuit coils”, Princess Leia like side buns, clip in hair extensions designed to give any woman the latest trend…whether they have the length of hair to create it or not!