Reverse Balayage is Here…and It’s Confusing!

It’s about PURPOSELY creating the illusion of regrowth?!

For every trend…there is a counter trend. Where color is concerned…as hairdressers we keep clients coming in to keep color fresh and get rid of regrowth before so much of it grows out that the whole look is ruined. Well…throw out the rule book, another color trend for 2016 is reverse balayage. Reverse balayage is the latest hair trend which makes it looks as if your peroxide has been put on freshly and on purpose. It’s the opposite of the classic free form highlighting technique balayage, meaning ‘to sweep’ in French.

The reverse method involves sweeping in dark dye through select areas from the roots. It’s an ideal antidote to over-bleached hair and it helps to get a classy, darker take on the balayage look without causing damage to the hair. The technique involves placing the darker balayage inwards, closest to the back of the head, then the lights on the front hair line. The effect is much more natural and you get much better coverage. It also helps to lift your complexion so you look as though you’ve been in the sun!