What is remy hair anyway?

Wondering what is Remy hair? Remy also called and spelled Remi, is a weave extension made from actual human hair and regarded as a premium product in the hair extensions industry because of its authentic look and ability to last for at least 12 months. The duration of Remy hair depends on the style of weave and correctly taking care of it. Before purchasing or using Remy hair extensions in your salon, think about the following factors: cost, its cuticles, the hair’s origin, brand, durability, and chemical processing.

What is the Remy Hair Process?

Remy hair is taken from the donor’s head and preserved to ensure all the cuticles are healthy, living, and facing equal direction. It’s important for the cuticles to face the same direction to prevent tangling when combining. Some Remy hair brands include weft to prevent shedding. The Remy hair creation process ensures that the hair stays gentle, glossy, and tangle-free in its lifespan.

Types of Remy Hair

Single-drawn Remy hair is gathered from donors in several lengths. Double-drawn Remy hair is collected from the same donor to guarantee the cuticles lengths are equal. Double drawn Remy hair is an expensive type of Remy hair considering the length of the cuticles sorting process.

imageGeographical Location of Remy Hair Donors

Donors of Remy hair come from various parts of the world, for example, India, Brazil, China, North America, and Europe.

Why does Remy Hair Extensions Cost so Much?

Consumers are willing to pay large sums of money for Remy hair because of its quality and the length of time it can last. Unlike regular hair weave, Remy hair has cuticles that provide protection for the hair.

Where can I buy Remy Hair?

Remy hair extensions can be brought at beauty supply stores and online direct from manufacturers. If you are buying online make sure you buy from a trustworthy distributor or directly from the manufacturer. It’s often cheaper to buy extensions in bulk and many manufacturers sell introductory packages or restocking packages that give you greater discounts  in bulk online versus visiting a local store.

How to Wash Remy Hair

Clients need to prepared to properly care for their Remy hair extensions at home to ensure that they last the longest. To detangle the hair, they can use a wide-tooth comb and use warm water to wash and rinse as usual. Finally, to dry the extensions, they can squeeze out the water and use a towel to gently blot the hair and allow them to naturally air dry.