Artificial hair & wigs ruled 18th century France

Of all periods in hair history…none can compare to the pompous, ceiling reaching and fantastical hairstyles of the 18th century. During the Baroque period, Marie Antoinette, her fashion designer and hairdresser transformed European history when modest styles were abandoned for artistic and extravagant style. Originally, hairdressers were tasked with using artificial frames to build their royal clientele’s hair to bigger heights…with fashion colors of blues, greens and pinks. However the stress on the hair lead to breakage and hair loss…and thus was born the classic French wig. Hairdressers utilized real and artificial hair to create some of the most stunningly artistic creations in history. Ironically however, it was Marie Antoinette’s extravagance that led to public dissent. She and her team were pioneers…but they also started a revolution.