No singular event impacts hair trends more so than the tradition of the Red Carpet.

The brightest stars of stage and screen carefully select with their stylist the perfect hairstyle to complete their overall ensemble. So carefully watched, talked about and dissected, the best looks will ripped out of magazines in the months to come and presented to you by a client who is inspired by their favorite celebrity. But how did it all begin?

In 1922, Egyptian Theatre owner and Hollywood showman Sid Grauman was faced with a difficult challenge posed by celebrity Douglas Fairbanks: to launch his latest picture Robin Hood “with a splash”. Grauman did just that, creating a crimson-colored walkway in front of his Egyptian Theatre for the first-ever Hollywood premiere and then invited a “who’s who” of Hollywood. The event was a sensation and over the decades has become one of the biggest television events of the year next to the Super Bowl. If the catwalk is where fashion is born…the Red Carpet is where they come into their own.