GET THE LOOK: Nina Dobrev’s Twisted Updo at the Golden Globes 2016

Riawana Capri of Nine Zero One created a whimsical updo for Dobrev that somehow got more glamorous with each twist and turn of her tresses.

Capri prepped dry hair by spraying with Unite Glossing Spray for heat protection. She then curled Dobrev’s whole head with a 3/4 inch curling iron and loosened with fingers once cooled, spraying with Unite Texturiza Spray.

In the center section of the hair, Capri created a pompadour-like lift with duckbill clips. She braided an inside-out French braid on both sides of the head (this type of braid allows it to pop on brown hair) and secured with rubber bands, next wrapping it into a coil that resembles a snail shell and pinned into place. Capri fattened the braids by pulling apart and spraying with Unite Expanda Dust. She twisted, knotted and pinned remaining pieces of hair in the center and then removed duck bill clips, connecting the top part of hair to the bottom. Set with Unite Session Max Spray.