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Hair Science
What Dandruff REALLY Looks Like

HAIR MYTH OR HAIR FACT?: Dandruff is Caused By Dry Scalp MYTH! Dandruff and dry scalp are two very different hair conditions. Dry scalp is characterized by small, white flakes of the scalp, which is basically caused by dehydration on the scalp, which in turn makes the scalp shed. It can be caused by lack […]

Hair Science
A HUGE Breakthrough in Grey Hair

BREAKING: SCIENTISTS JUST FOUND THE “GRAY HAIR” GENE In a few decades can gene therapy find the “off switch”? Genetics have always been to blame for gray hair (thanks mom and/or dad!), but scientists have now found the specific gene that leaves many looking more salt than pepper as they get older. According to CBS […]

Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions: 1910

Check out this vintage ad from a 1910 ladies catalogue! “Biscuit coils”, Princess Leia like side buns, clip in hair extensions designed to give any woman the latest trend…whether they have the length of hair to create it or not!

Beauty News

Artificial hair & wigs ruled 18th century France Of all periods in hair history…none can compare to the pompous, ceiling reaching and fantastical hairstyles of the 18th century. During the Baroque period, Marie Antoinette, her fashion designer and hairdresser transformed European history when modest styles were abandoned for artistic and extravagant style. Originally, hairdressers were […]

Hair Trends
Hairdresser Creates Color From Art

A staple trend of the past few seasons…fashion color continues to reinvent itself. A hairdresser in a Wichita, Kansas salon captured national attention when she started to create color trends based on modern and contemporary artwork! Ursula Goff’s work is inspired by everyone from Monet to Georgia O’Keeffe!

Hair Science

Healthy hair: This is healthy hair. In a perfect world our hair under the microscope would look like this all the time. The cuticle (the outer layer) lays smooth with all of its “scales” lined up and flat, one on top of the other. Flat cuticles = smooth surface. Smooth surface = light reflection. Light reflection […]

Hair History

En route from Sydney to Perth, Australia, in the early 1920s, British ethnologist Alfred Cort Haddon acquired a tuft of human hair from a young Aboriginal man. He added it to his sizeable collection of hair from people living around the world….where it sat for 90 years. Flash forward and international team of scientists, including […]

Hair Science
Hair Myth or Fact?

Frequent shampooing can dry out your hair. MYTH! Frequent shampooing does not dry your hair. Shampooing, if done correctly and with the right products for your hair texture, actually re-moisturizes. It’s often thought that frequent shampooing ‘dries out the natural oils’. However, oil flow does not control the hair’s dryness, it’s your hairs moisture content […]

Hair Science
Hair Myth or Fact?

Hats can cause or exacerbate hair loss. MYTH! This myth concerning hat wearing about during the First and Second World Wars when, after returning home from wearing helmets for months or years, it was noticed that many of the soldiers’ hair had thinned considerably. However, this hair loss was due to stress and also to […]