Bye bye grungy dip dye. Hello ‘high-end bleed’!

There’s a growing trend emerging that’s changing the way we look at ‘non-natural’ colours. Forget DIY dip-dyes, and say hello to the high-end bleed, courtesy of Not Another Salon.

“When my clients were 17 and the trend first came back, it was all home-dye and we loved it. But those girls have grown up and they want to keep their cool image but hit a higher quality note,” explains Not Another Salon owner Sophia Hilton, who’s also an educator for L’Oreal Professionnel. Impeccable, healthy-looking bleeds of colour that look polished and luxurious are now the order of the day. The trend has been so popular on Instagram and that Sophia has launched her academy, Not Another Hair School, with high end bleeding classes throughout the year. However, she’s fully booked – email to get on the waiting list!

Hair: A selection of colour bleed results by Not Another Salon