Buying Clip-In Extensions

Many women know that hair extensions can enhance their hair in many different ways, but for clients who want to get a particular look without the commitment…they now can thanks to clip – in hair extensions. Various types of clip-in extensions, like human hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions, and novelty extensions, give women the chance to experiment with different styles and colors without having to invest large amounts of time and money.

Buyers should be aware that different clip-ins will give varying effects and not all of them will looks as natural as some others. Therefore, when shopping for these hair extensions, you must consider whether they want small changes or complete transformations. Small changes include adding highlights or bangs while complete transformations involve creating length and volume in the hair. The clip-in hair extensions used to achieve all of these effects can be found by browsing through the selections of a number of places, like beauty supply stores or distributor showrooms.


IMG_2693Discovering Different Types of Clip-In Hair Extensions

When browsing through hair extensions, you’ll notice that extensions come in many varieties. These varieties, including human hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions, and novelty hair extensions, each have their own advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before bringing them into your salon.

Human Hair Extensions

Extensions made of human hair will be the highest quality items among the different types of hair extensions. They will also be the most expensive. The advantage of human hair clip – in extensions is that they can be brushed and styled similarly to the clients real hair. That allows your client to style clip-ins either before or after they have been placed in the hair. Human hair extensions generally come with extra-secure clips so that the pieces will stay in place even if being tugged at while styling.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Clip-ins that use synthetic hair can be an economical alternative to human hair clip-ins, but this economy comes at a price. Because they are more cost effective than human hair clip-ins, clients can also do more experimenting with different styles and colors of synthetic hair clip-in extensions. However synthetic hair has no cuticle and they have been treated with chemicals to create an artificial surface that feels smooth. The problem is that this artificial surface wears off over time leaving you with something that is difficult to style and is easy to spot as fake hair.

Novelty Hair Extensions

For buyers who want to add something a little flashier to their hairstyles, novelty clip-ins can be fun accessories. These types of extensions include feather clip – ins, bang or fringe clip-ins, ribbon clip-ins, and brightly colored hair clip-ins. Novelty hair extensions are usually made of either synthetic hair or a completely different kind of material. However, in 2013 She by SO.CAP.USA was one of the first manufacturers to manufacture clip-in bangs and ponytails with real human hair.


hfh_clip_in_extensionsBuying Clip-In Extensions to Achieve Certain Hair Effects

No matter what goal a woman is trying to accomplish with hair extensions, there is undoubtedly a style of clip-in that will correspond to the desired effect. These effects can be modest or dramatic, and applied to a small section of hair or the entire head.

Hair Extensions for Subtle Hair Enhancements

Subtle changes to the hair can be perfect for working, going out, or any other occasion that makes the wearer want to try something different. Most notably, clip-ins for highlights and bangs can slightly update hairstyles without changing them too much.

Clip-Ins to Highlight Hair

Sometimes, women just want to slightly enhance their hair color with highlights. For clients who don’t want to visit your salon everytime they want to add a little something extra to their look, they can just add a few clip-in hair extensions to freshen up their looks. Plus, they can take out their clip-in highlights whenever they want, a process that is much more convenient than it is with truly dyed or bleached highlights.

With highlights, buyers should focus on finding wefts that are of medium or narrow width. “Weft” is a special term for the single strip of hair that is attached to the clip placed in the wearer’s hair. If the weft is too wide, it will create a large section of hair that is a different color from the rest. With a narrow weft, however, the difference in color will be a stylish accent that enhances the buyer’s overall hairstyle. A client can purchase one or two clip-ins that will frame her face or multiple clip-ins that she can place throughout her hair. The key to highlights is picking a color that suits the color of the rest of the hair but is not too similar. If the extension is too similar, it will not be noticed at all.

Clip-Ins to Add Bangs to the Hair

Many women have complicated feelings about bangs, leading them to love them one day and detest them the next. For women like this, clip – in bangs can be a great way to slightly change their looks for a couple of days and then go back to their original hairstyles once they get tired of having bangs. When shopping for bang clip-ins, clients should have the choice of natural-looking pieces that blend in with their current hairstyles or flashier accent pieces that have extra style elements, like a creative cut or color.

Hair Extensions for Major Transformations

Two major ways women can completely transform their appearances include lengthening their hair and adding volume to their hair. Trying to do these things used to mean spending months growing out hair or hours styling the hair in front of a mirror. Now, thanks to convenient clip-in hair extensions, women can see big differences by spending a few minutes putting in clip-ins.

Clip-Ins to Increase Hair Length

As their name might suggest, clip-in hair extensions were originally used just to lengthen the hair, and they still serve this purpose very well. To increase hair length, you can choose among many different weft widths. Usually, full hair lengthening kits will come with a mix of different widths, allowing wearers to place the extensions naturally in various spots throughout the hair.

Since clients  who want to increase the length of their hair ideally want them to blend in perfectly with the true color and texture of their natural hair, you need to take the time to shop for a manufacturer that has the most choice in colors, lengths and textures…as opposed to juggling multiple different manufacturers to make sure you have something for any client. Matching the wearer’s hair color as closely as possible is important because the clip-ins will extend past the natural length of the hair. Any difference in color will be immediately noticeable and may seem strange. Sometimes, the wearer may want the lengthening clip-ins to be a slightly different color, like a highlighted version of her true color, for example. Whatever the case may be, clients must be aware that differences in color will be clearly visible with this type of clip-in hair extension.

Clip-Ins to Add Volume to the Hair

To change the texture of the hair, women can use clip-ins in combination with styling tools to make their natural hair wavier or curlier with extra body. Those who want to achieve this look must find volumizing or layered clip-ins. Unlike the sometimes narrow clip-ins for lengthening hair, volumizing hair extensions are always quite wide. This allows for easy and even placement of a single layer that will thicken hair. After styling the hair, the client can then attach the clip halfway down the back of the head, underneath the top layer of natural hair.

Besides the width of the weft, the other main difference between lengthening and volumizing clip-in hair extensions is that if you are shopping for volumizing clip-in, you do not need to worry as much about the color of the extension. Of course, the color should match the wearer’s true hair color, but slight differences will most likely not be seen because the volumizing layer is mostly hidden underneath the top layer of natural hair.



Clip-ins provide women with many different hairstyle options and can allow them to easily change up their look on a whim and are perfect for creating looks without color commitment. Whether the wearer wants bangs for a night, longer hair for life, or a crazy feather accent, clip-in hair extensions provide solutions that are both easy and economical. When shopping for these items, you can choose extensions made of human hair, synthetic hair, or more creative materials such as feathers. Human hair is more realistic, easier to style, and will be more durable in the long term. Synthetic hair is less expensive, and novelty materials are in a class of their own.

These extensions can be used to create diverse effects with varying degrees of intensity. Subtle additions like highlights and bangs can be accomplished in minutes, and dramatic makeovers involving lengthening or thickening the hair can be achieved just as easily.