Beauty Icon: Veronica Lake

To this day she is still the most stunning & iconic femme fatale…side swept, tumbling waves of hair. One eye always covered, creating a hint of allure and mystery…she was Veronica Lake, Paramount’s #1 female star through the 1940’s. Born Constance Frances Marie Ockelman in Brooklyn, New York, even as a young girl her mother recognized her ethereal beauty, natural charm and talent for acting. Arriving in Beverly Hills, California, she was enrolled in the Bliss Hayden School of Acting in Hollywood. Her big break arrived in 1941 with the film, “I Wanted Wings”, catapulting her to stardom. It was during that filming that Lake developed her signature look. Lake’s long blonde hair accidentally fell over her right eye during a take and created a “peek-a-boo” effect. The hairstyle became Lake’s trademark and was widely copied by women and still remains a go to look for celebrities the word over.